Here’s What’ll Happen To Obama’s @POTUS Twitter Handle When He Leaves


Love him or loathe him, Obama changed and paved the way of American politics for eternity.

Barack was the first president to have a presidential Twitter handle, to do a town hall on YouTube, to use a Snapchat filter, and have a live discussion on Facebook, reports Thrillist.

As if that wasn’t enough, Obama also pioneered the @WhiteHouse Twitter account, YouTube channel, Flickr account, Vimeo channel, and a lot more.

In seven days there will be another president on the horizon – no doubt causing mass divide throughout the United States. But no matter if it’s The Donald or Crooked Hillary that parks their arse in the oval office next January, what will happen to all of that social media?

Well the boring bit is that firstly everything gets dished out to National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) – similarly to how all official notes from presidents of the past where handed over.

Secondly everything gets handed to the public – so the @POTUS twitter handle will become the @POTUS44 account and all of Obama’s tweets will be transitioned to that site, similarly the Instagram and Tumblr account will go under the same transition.

As for the @POTUS Twitter account, all of the tweets will be wiped clean and it will be handed over to the next President – however all of the accounts followers will remain the same.