The iPhone 7 Could Be Released Very Soon


A highly acclaimed tech-leaker has just revealed when he thinks the iPhone 7 will drop in a series of promising tweets. 

Evan Blass posted two tweets, the first of which claims that the new iPhone would go on sale the week commencing September 12, before adding that it would more specifically go on sale on Friday, September 16.

To be even more specific and to break things down for you, at the time of writing, there are 52-days and nine hours to go until you can get your hands on the much anticipated iPhone 7.

Or to go even further, there are 1,248 hours left – aka. 4,492,800 seconds.


So far, there have been numerous rumours surrounding the iPhone 7 with some even claiming it won’t be an iPhone 7 at all but rather an iPhone 6SE.

Other rumours claim that the device will be water resistant, have a bezel-less metal body, and redesigned antennas.

Untitled (1)Twitter

Some other tech guys are also suggesting that the 7 will have some 3D features too.

And yes, it’s likely that the phone will be no longer equipped with a headphone jack but rather promote the use of Bluetooth headphones while featuring an adaptor for standard headphones in the box.