Here’s Why Everyone Should Turn Off All Their Electricity At 8.30pm Tonight


The tenth Earth Hour will dawn upon us at 8.30pm today where the world will switch off electricity for an hour to show commitment to environmental change.

The collective environmental movement was launched in Sydney in 2007, with participation spreading to over 12 countries since then.

Light pollution can disrupt human circadian rhythms, prevent trees from adjusting to seasonal variations which in turn affects wildlife, and also confuses the migration and behaviour patterns of birds, insects, turtles, fish, and other wildlife causing many fatalities.

Of course it is not only the actual light, but the energy used to create the electricity, and the CO2 output that this generation has.

The International Dark Sky Association (IDA) located in the US estimates that more than 32 million oil barrels and 9 million tons of coal are wasted annually because of light pollution.


As part of Earth Hour, street lighting will remain switched on for safety reasons, but street lighting contributes to 50% of the sky glow in urban areas.

Hong Kong has the worst of lighting pollution in the world, with the night sky thought to be 1200 times brighter than normal.

Take part in Earth Hour today (March 25, 2017) by lighting some candles and unplugging from technology between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

Enjoy the moon and stars in the hopefully slightly less light-polluted sky.