Here’s Why Your Deleted WhatsApp Chats Might Come Back To Haunt You

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There’s bad news for anyone out there who regularly uses WhatsApp.

It turns out that those most private conversations between you and you friends that you ended up eventually deleting could still come back to haunt you, that’s according to a prominent security researcher anyway.

Jonathan Zdziarski, who writes a blog specialising in Apple products, recently claimed that forensic traces of WhatsApp conversations still remain even after they are deleted, cleared or archived if you use it on an iPhone or any other iOS device. Fuuuuck!


To make matters worse it seems that the only way to completely wipe all these conversations is to delete the world’s most popular messaging app entirely.

Back in April WhatsApp were heavily praised by privacy campaigners for introducing end-to-end encryption services, therefore making it impossible for the app and other parties to read messages exchanged in the app.


But Zdziarski suggests that if these forensic traces remain they could still be theoretically recovered and accessed by other parties with access to the phone.

In extreme cases, law enforcement might even be able to access these conversations.

Despite all this Zdziarski says there is no reason to panic, but has encouraged users to be aware of their footprint on the app and has offered a load of helpful tips to prevent this happening here.


What even is privacy anymore?