Here’s Why You’re Seeing A Little Purple Flower Appear On Facebook


This bizarre purple flower emoji has been popping up on Facebook and until now, no-one knew why it was there.

You may have spotted this new emoji and thought it was a little strange, but now the mystery baffling us for the last few days, has finally been solved.

Tomorrow – May 14th – is Mother’s Day for 80 countries around the world, so Facebook has brought in the flower as a little celebration to let mums know they’re being thought of, the Mirror reports.

So when your mum next posts a status, instead of responding with a ‘happy’ or ‘heart’ emoji, Facebook are now giving you the opportunity to reply with a flower to show you care. Bit soppy, but it’s definitely sweet.


Facebook said:

In honour of Mother’s Day, we are testing the ability for people in a few markets to leave a flower reaction.

Unfortunately for British-based Facebook users, the little flower of love is sadly not yet available. I suppose this makes sense seen as our Mother’s day has long passed, but still, it does feel like we’re missing out a little bit.

It seems Facebook users around the world are pretty easily pleased though and are thrilled they’ve now got the flower emoji option to show their mum that extra bit of Facebook love.

This may be a little cheesy, but it’s nice to know Facebook has thought of our mums at this time of year.

So now when your mum posts a cringe status declaring her love for her little munchkin then you know how to react… And no not with the angry face. Go forth and show your mum some love.