Hidden iPhone Setting Gives Your Speakers Extra Volume Boost

by : UNILAD on : 09 Aug 2017 19:03

Ever been showing your pals some video on and iPhone and thought: this ain’t fucking loud enough mate?

If you still use old Nokias then I suppose the answer is no. But for everyone else, it’s a reoccurring first world problem.


You can usually solve the issue by sticking your phone in a glass or mug, but what’s the point in that? This is the 21st Century, why can’t smartphones give us tinnitus you know what I mean?

Well, it turns out they can.


A little known feature can be accessed which will give your speakers an extra volume boost.


Simply go to settings and tap on ‘Music’ and then scroll down and hit ‘EQ’.

Select the ‘Late Night’ option and there you have it. An iPhone that goes all the way to 11.


It’s vital that you remember to abide by the name and switch it off the next day. If you’re one of the antisocial hellraisers out there who still has the keyboard taps enabled, it will be even louder on ‘Late Night’ mode.


Don’t be that guy.

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