How To Quit Your Smartphone Addiction And Reclaim Your Life

by : UNILAD on : 02 May 2016 09:58

Everyday I waste a good few hours or so staring effortlessly at particular apps on my phone and essentially wasting solid hours of my life. 


But how do you beat such an addiction? Well, according to science it’s pretty damn simple.

The colour red, which appears every time the majority of us get a notification, is a brain stimulant, which leaves us compelled to check the notification – only to be left dissatisfied to find that ‘you have memories’ with some random guy you added on Facebook couple of years ago.

So according to James Hamblin from The Atlantic, all you have to do is head to your phones settings and stick it onto greyscale mode so that instead of being bright and colourful, everything appears in a murky grey; making you far less interested in your phone, and far more interested in the real world, or that book you got started but can’t seem to finish.


Indy100 reports that a lot of the time, people glance over at James’ phone and think it’s broke but in fact, he’s merely using a productivity life hack.

If you want to try the ‘mindhack’ out on your iPhone, go to settings, accessibility, and finally greyscale. Boom.

A shocking recent survey revealed that 72 per cent of people check their phone every single hour – hopefully now we can all be on our way back to appreciating reality instead of candy crush.

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    How to quit your smartphone addiction, according to science