HQ Trivia Has Returned Less Than Two Months After The App Was Shut Down

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Mar 2020 09:20
HQ Trivia Has Returned Less Than Two Months After The App Was Shut DownHQ Trivia Has Returned Less Than Two Months After The App Was Shut DownRus/Twitter/MattWasFunny/Instagram

Less than two months after HQ Trivia shut down following a drunken, expletive-filled broadcast, the popular quiz game is back. 


I’m sure lots of people remember a daily gathering around the phone, announcing to your friends and co-workers ‘HQ!’ to get them all playing, yet secretly hoping to beat them all at the increasingly difficult questions to win the cash prize.

The popularity of the game somewhat fizzled out after a few months though, so you’d be forgiven for not realising it was shut down altogether in February this year.

The app unfortunately went bankrupt, and the final game was hosted by presenters who were drinking and swearing while players fought to win the grand prize of $5 (£3.83), which came out of the pocket of host Matt Richards and was ultimately split between 523 players.


However, just over a month later, the game is back from the dead as Richards took to Twitter yesterday, March 29, to announce its imminent return.

He wrote:

Yo. You heard??!? @hqtrivia is back tonight at 9pm eastern! Download the app now! Also if you been waiting to cash out, you’ll be able to this week!

Players who still have the app also received a push notification to alert them of the news, and a source close to the company confirmed to The Verge the app is officially back, meaning last night’s quiz wasn’t a one-off event.

The schedule is reportedly up in the air at the moment, but the episodes are expected to become more regular in the future.

In its prime, HQ Trivia offered prizes up to $300,000 (£214,000) and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson even made an appearance as a guest presenter on the 15-minute show.


The company behind the app was met with a series of setbacks following its fall from grace, including the death of HQ cofounder Colin Kroll, who died in December 2018 from a drug overdose, CNN reports.

In February, CEO Rus Yusupov sent a company-wide email announcing ‘lead investors are no longer willing to fund the company, and so effective today, HQ will cease operations and move to dissolution.’

A few days later, Yusupov teased he was in negotiations with a company to bring HQ back. Part of the deal included paying severance to HQ’s 25 employees and paying out players who still had cash winnings on the app.

He tweeted:

In its new home, we should expect HQ to go through some changes, especially to cover expenses, and be less buggy.

The app’s return suggests bosses successfully found a solution to the company’s issues, so they’ll probably (hopefully) be able to start enticing regular players back with the big bucks once again.

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