Instagram Update To Finally Allow Landscape And Portrait Photos


After five years of square-only images, Instagram has announced the app’s latest update will allow users to upload landscape and portrait images.

No longer will will users have to crop images to fit the restricted dimensions previously offered.

But Instagram is not giving in to calls for change completely.

The new update will only allow images taken from other sources and uploaded to Instagram to fit the non-square format.

If you are capturing an image or video within the app itself then it will still be restricted to the original square dimensions.


The change was officially rolled out to both Android and iOS users on Thursday in a bid to appease a share of its users.

It seems somewhat redundant to make a halfway move, but if they want to dig their heels in for a little while longer who am I to judge?

For now users can be happy to share media in its full glory, even if they do have to utilise other apps en route to doing so.