iPhone 7 Rumors: Release date, Specs, and a Pro version coming?


It’s that time of the year, and a lot of iPhone 7 rumors are doing rounds on the web.  When there’s a pattern to what every leaker and reports are saying, you know there’s no smoke without fire.

From dual cameras to a beefed-up spec to compete with the upcoming Samsung Note 7 or even the current Galaxy S7, there are so many leaks to be excited about and look forward to.

Latest iPhone 7 Rumors

The iPhone 7 will arrive in September, you can start queuing up from now

Besides Apple’s usual release cycle where we’ve seen most of their phones released in September, accessories company are ramping up production to be ready for release. Reports also indicate that Foxconn, Apple’s top manufacturing partner and supplier also started mass-hirings to cope with the anticipated demand.

An iPhone 7 Pro version with dual camera 

iPhone 7 previewMacRumors

Let’s face it, Apple’s naming system is getting out of hand now, surely they will have to do something about it before they get into the double digits. Anyway, As well as releasing the iPhone 7, we may also see a Pro version, basically the iPhone 7 on steroids. The Pro version may feature the rumoured Smart Connector, new headphone jack, and a dual camera.

iPhone 7’s leaked specs would be a huge step-up for Apple

LPDDR4 iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 could come with 3GB of RAM up from  iPhone 6s’s 2GB of RAM.  This could also see Apple use the A10 processor chip to compliment its 3GB RAM for an improved performance.

Waterproof casing? About time!

A Patent filing for ports that eject water and connections that self-heal by Apple suggests that the iPhone 7 may come fully waterproof; Samsung have successfully waterproofed their Galaxy S7, so to be honest, what’s holding Apple back from doing same is baffling.