iPhone iOS Set To Update Next Week, Here’s What To Expect

by : UNILAD on : 08 Jun 2016 17:27

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will take place next week, and some major changes to iOS are rumoured to be in the offing.


Changes that will excite us, change our relationships with our phones, and no doubt infuriate users who now have to free up huge quantities of memory.

The new operating system is likely to be called iOS10, reports the Daily Star, and these are some updates the internet is eagerly anticipating.


Siri is set for an overhaul, with the reported updates allowing for voicemail messages to be transcribed when you can’t listen, and Siri will also allegedly be able to tell callers why you can’t pick up.


These features are rumoured to be part of an all-new iCloud voicemail.

iOS10 may also see a return of editing features for photos, which had been removed when iPhotos was replaced.

And, in what will likely be one of the most popular updates, Apple are said to have worked on software which will boost your battery life – hallelujah!


Apple Music is thought to be receiving a major overhaul too, which will be announced Monday. Design will supposedly be simplified from the colourful display presently in use, with a black and white design set to be dropped.

The conference, which opens Monday June 13 at 6pm (UK), could also see the announcement of a new Mac operating system.

So, you now have less than one week to decide which treasured memories and useful apps you’re going to sacrifice.

Good luck…

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    Apple iOS 10: Your iPhone could see some major changes next week – here's what to expect