iPhone X Users Already Reporting Huge Problem

by : UNILAD on : 03 Nov 2017 13:45

Gutting news for iPhone X users, as hundreds of customers are posting pictures of their new devices smashed up from dropping them on the floor.


The new phone has been out for less than 24 hours!

One video, filmed in China, shows an owner holding up a battered silver iPhone X in his hand.

Although apparently still working, the front and back are covered in splits and cracks.


Such is the shelf-life of smartphones really. I don’t think anybody has ever owned one and not had it absolutely destroyed by a simple moment of butter fingers while walking about?

Thousands of people have been camping outside Apple stores for days to get their hands on the new gadget.

From Moscow to Dubai, Berlin to New York and even London, tech-heads have turned out in their droves.


However, some unfortunately missed out on buying the new iPhone X.

One man in London ended up not being able to afford one after ‘overspending’ in a casino.

The unidentified male had first dibs on the new release being sold at the Regent Street branch in London.


But wait, what? How’d he spend money while camping on a street for three days?

Because queueing is physical hell, those outside the shop were given wristbands which gave them an hour away from the line.

It just so happened this man decided to spend his 60 minutes in the casino – where he allegedly lost all the money he was using to pay for the iPhone X.


It’s not all bad news, though.

Marco Pierre White Jr became the next first person in line and bagged himself one of the phones, despite already having one.

He told Metro:

I ended up number one in the queue! My friend didn’t have enough money so he f*cked off back home.

He overspent in the casino last night and so I ended up first.


The Friday launch of the iPhone X is making Apple its ‘biggest quarter ever’

Apple has regained its title from Samsung as the most profitable company in the world, thanks to recent earnings.


Tim Cook recently said he’s feeling ‘very bullish’ about the new device and he ‘couldn’t be more excited about Apple’s future.’


He added:

There’s always doubting Thomases out there – I’ve been hearing those for the 20 years I’ve been here.

I suspect I’ll hear about them until I retire. I don’t really listen to that too much.

Over in Hong Kong, grey market sellers are already making profit from the phone

A dozen or so card tables and Styrofoam boxes have been set up down Argyle Street, Mong Kok, which is one of the city’s most populated shopping areas.


As TechRadar revealed, iPhone sales were already going through the roof prior to the iPhone X going on sale.

Apple sold 46.7 million iPhone devices in the last three months, which is 14% up in phones sold from the previous quarter and 3% from the same time last year.

Apple’s overall revenue for the fourth quarter was $52.6 billion.

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