ISIS Made Huge Mistake When Cyber-Attacking Google

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An elite group of ISIS cyber commandos attacked Google yesterday, but you probably didn’t hear about it. 

That’s because when the group of special hackers acted on their promise to ‘take down Google’ and replace it with pro ISIS propaganda, they hijacked the wrong site.

Instead of attacking the Californian search engine subsidiary, the Cyber Caliphate Army infiltrated Add Google Online – a local Indian search engine business which has absolutely zilch to do with the internet giant.

The group stated on the messaging app Telegram: 

We promised to hack Google. Keep the promise inshallah, expect us today.


The news of the ‘Google’ hack came not long after the group published a list on Telegram of 35 British websites that it also allegedly defaced, according to Vocativ.

The group said the list, which consisted of a random collection of small business’ websites, was attacked in retaliation for the killing of British jihadist Junaid Hussein, who died in a U.S. airstrike last year.

The sites attacked included everything from a small salon, to a Japanese dance class instructor, and businesses selling laminate flooring and furniture.

The hackers called the attacks ‘A Message to David Cameron.’ I don’t think he heard you though, guys…


Joseph Loftus

Joseph Loftus is a Gold Standard NCTJ journalist with four years experience working for international and regional press.As well as working for UNILAD and LADbible, Joseph has worked as Liverpool Correspondent for Unsigned & Independent Magazine, as well as stints with the Liverpool Echo and Warrington Guardian.