Jaybird X3 First Impressions: Your New Workout Bud-dy


Jaybird X3

The new Jaybird X3 is the third generation in the X – Series and it’s harmed to be better and better do those that loves to workout – meet your new gym bud!

It’s designed to be a perfect fit for your daily work out. It’s made to be seamless when you wear it without compromising on sound quality. Whether you’re running, cycling, or weight-lifting, it offers a secure fit for your workout session.

Jaybird has shaved off some of the driver’s enclosure to make it slimmer and for a better fit in your ear canals. it has about multiple size earbud tips in the box so there’s something to fit everyone’s ears and you get three pairs of fins too so it’s secure when you wear it under-ear.

Jaybird X3

The Jaybird X3’s also marks the first time Jaybird is bringing MySound app to the X-Series, allowing you to be able to create your sound just how you like it. What’s good is you can have different equaliser presets for different occasions, so in the gym, you can have one, and when you go running you can have another.

The Jaybird X3 new sports bud is sweat-proof making it durable for whatever you throw at it. Elsewhere, you have 8 hours of battery life and with 15 mins of charge, you get an hour use out of it. It’s compatible with any device (iOS, Android and even Smartwatches) that’s Bluetooth ready, thanks to the Bluetooth 4.1 used.

Jaybird X3

Have multiple devices? don’t worry, the Jaybird X3 can remember up to 8 devices and you can even listen to one music source with two X3s, should you want to go for a run in rhythm with a friend.

You can also make calls using its built-in microphone and control your music using its inline controls. What’s also great is you can leave your smartphone at home if you have a compatible smartwatch, meaning you can listen to music straight from your Bluetooth-ready smartwatch like the Apple watch or the Gear S3 Frontier.

Jaybird X3

Weighing just 0.63 ounces, it’s lightweight and it almost feels as part of you. Early impressions are great, once you have figured out how to install the straps fastening clips and the right earbud tips for your ears, the rest is history. If you decide to keep changing its length/tightness, though, that’s when it can get fiddly, but we don’t see why you’d need to.

This is our first impression and we’ll be back with a full review soon, in the meantime, check out Jaybird’s website for more info.