Kid Accidentally Orders Extreme Fart Extension Pack For Amazon Alexa

by : Cameron Frew on : 07 Feb 2020 15:50
Kid Accidentally Orders Extreme Fart Extension Pack For Amazon AlexaEmily Watson/Facebook

Alexa is a modern household helper – it turns lights on, sets alarms and helps you find information. It’s also prone to flatulence, especially if you equip it with the Extreme Fart Extension Pack. 

Anyone can make their Amazon home device let off a bit of gas. All that’s required is a simple: ‘Alexa, fart.’ However, it’s not impressive enough. If you want Alexa to actually let it rip, you’ll need to source an add-on to unlock your wildest windy dreams.


However, this mum had no great ambitions of hearing her Alexa letting her gas fly – it was her young boy who decided to take the initiative.

Amazon echoAmazon

Emily Watson must have thought she was going mental. Walking around her home, farts were echoing around a number of rooms. Who was the flatulent culprit? Who could be letting rip all day, every day?

It turns out, an arsey Alexa was guilty. However, it wasn’t the device’s fault. In a Facebook post, Emily wrote: ‘For the last three days, all the Alexa’s in the house have been farting. Turns out, I actually paid for this to be happening. Anyone want two kids?’


Emily posted a screenshot of her conversation with an Amazon customer service rep. After a short greeting, the rep writes: ‘I understand your child has accidentally placed an order and you wish to cancel the order with refund. I will help you.’

Emily Watson Extreme Fart Extension Pack Alexa 2Emily Watson/Facebook

Emily responds: ‘Great, thank you.’ Of course, Amazon had to check which product is being refunded, just to be safe. The rep writes back: ‘Just to confirm, are you referring to The Extreme Farts Extension Pack?’ The mum has to reply: ‘Yes, that’s the one.’

The post has gone down a storm with people online, already amassing more than 10,000 reactions, nearly 10,000 comments and it’s been shared more than 25,000 times.


It’s not the only fart-based add-on available for your Alexa. For example, you can purchase 4AFART, which is described as: ‘With random farts of varying levels of repugnance, there’s never a dull moment! You’ll be provided with hours of entertainment and education for the whole family.’


Alexa is a pretty versatile home device. It can fart, but it can also give you a compliment (all you have to say is: ‘Alexa, flatter me’) and rap (unless it wasn’t obvious, just ask it to rap).

Excuse me, I’ve got some online shopping to do.


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Emily Watson/Facebook
  1. Emily Watson/Facebook