Lamborghini Announces One-Off V12 759bhp Track Beast

by : Hannah Smith on : 16 Dec 2020 12:57
Lamborghini Announces One-Off V12 759bhp Track BeastLamborghini/Twitter

Lamborghini doesn’t do one-offs often, but when it does, you know for sure it’s going to come up with something special.

The SC20 is not only just the second custom model produced by the Italian automotive icon’s racing division, but it’s also the ‘most extreme open version of a road-legal V12 supercar’ it’s ever attempted.


Following the Squadra Corse’s 2018 one-off  – the SC18 – and its limited edition Essenza SCV12 hypercar from earlier this year, the SC20 was created for a private customer, who according to Top Gear, simply asked the designers to ‘just make it look cool’.


The result is a futuristic beast of a hypercar that also appears to take inspiration from Lambo models past and present, including the Huracan EVO GT3 racer, Diablo VT Roadster and Aventador J. The white and blue-accented all-carbon fibre bodywork features a giant front splitter, angular side fins and a frankly ridiculous manually-adjustable rear wing. And for good measure, Lamborghini says the bodywork has also been hand-polished to maximise its airflow.

The roofless SC20’s interior features two leather and Alcantara racing seats, with yet more blue carbon fibre, and even 3D-printed air vents that Lamborghini’s head of design Mitja Borkert describes as ‘like something out of Star Wars’.


Under the hood, the SC20 packs a 6.5-litre V12 engine with 760bhp and 531 lb ft of torque. It’s also four-wheel drive, with 20in front and 21in rear rims. Lamborghini hasn’t confirmed the precise top speed of the car, but according to Borkert the SC20 has been tested to at least 168mph.

Borkert believes that the SC20 is proof of how Lamborghini has worked to combine high-class design with top-class performance, saying:

20 or 30 years ago, a Lamborghini was this stunning sculpture of a car, but although they were fast I think the performance was… so and so.

Today we are very proud because we have a new strength in performance…you come to Lamborghini, you get the latest configuration of the V12, and then you get automotive haute couture design on top


Looking at the images, it’s crazy to think that this car is even road-legal. But it is, and thankfully, unlike some of the more unique models produced by Lamborghini over the years, Borkert is confident that the new owner won’t just be keeping his car between himself and the test track. He told Top Gear, ‘It’s not just a car you drive on track, but on the street. I can tell you, knowing this customer, he will use the car, for sure.’

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