Las Vegas Is Now Running Off 100% Renewable Energy


Who would’ve thought that Sin City would pave a green path for us all to follow.

Las Vegas has made itself a ‘world leader in sustainability’ as it now sources 100 per cent of its power from renewable energy sources, fulfilling a goal their government have been working on for a decade.

The power flows from a mix of solar panels and hydroelectric turbines including the Hoover dam to power its 140 buildings, streetlights and parks, Quartz reports.


The city moved closer to their green goal when its partnership with NVEnergy expanded and they purchased enough renewable energy to power the whole city’s facilities.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman said:

When we say something’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.

The city also powers on-site facilities with tree-shaped solar panels and solar shade canopies in parks to take advantage of the Southern Nevada sun.


The city’s energy savings from the shift is estimated at roughly $5 million annually.

Despite Trump paying lip service to climate change, many other cities in the US are on track to achieve the same as Las Vegas by 2020 and 2030.

The UK needs to follow suit!