Leak Shows Apple To Make Annoying Changes To Siri And Messages



A new patent published today proves two things, firstly that Apple doesn’t know what its customers want and two that Siri is about to get a lot more annoying.

The new design seems to indicate that the virtual assistant/ constant battery drain will be able to butt into iMessage chats to ‘help’ users schedule meetings and calendars.

Basically Siri will be able to automatically update your schedule and let everyone know when you’re free in a handy dandy message.


In illustrations of what the new feature could look like one of the participants asks, ‘How long ’til you guys get here?’ but before anyone replies Siri interjects, checking everyone’s location and then answering the question.

Meanwhile in the second drawing when people are organising a dinner, Siri once again pops up with the users schedule to let them know when they’re free.

According to 9to5Mac the patent addresses the privacy concerns raised by having an app that has access to your schedule and tracks your movement.


It explains that the participants in the message would allow users to approve or decline a request for access to data such as calendar and location and you can just turn Siri off.

There’s no date for when Apple will implement their annoying new plan but god almighty it’s going to be an dark day when I can’t lie anymore about being  minutes around the corner.