Leaked Documents Show UK Military Is Terrified Of New Russian Tanks


Papers have been leaked revealing that the British Army is doubtful as to whether the UK is equipped to handle Russia’s newest piece of armour.

The Armata tank was hailed revolutionary when it was exhibited at Moscow’s Victory Parade in May 2015 because of it’s ability to be controlled remotely.

It was part of Russia’s £250 billion upgrade of their military services in order boost patriotism and so Putin can flex his muscles.


The five-page paper, which was obtained by the Sunday Telegraph read:

Without hyperbole, Armata represents the most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half century.

For the first time, a fully automated, digitized, unmanned turret has been incorporated into a main battle tank. And for the first time, a tank crew is embedded within an armored capsule in the hull front.

The paper iterated that Russia’s fleet of tanks is ’35 times the size of the Britain’s’.


The tanks are 20 years ahead of any military technology that the West has.

…well I feel really safe right now.