Leaked New iPhone 8 Pricelist Has Shocked Everyone

by : UNILAD on : 05 Sep 2017 07:48
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A potential iPhone 8 price list has been leaked, and the prices are eye-wateringly expensive.


According to Benjamin Geskin, a tech reporter, the iPhone 8 will come in different models, with vastly different price tags to match.

Geskin allegedly has sources inside Apple, and claims that the prices run well up into the thousands.

The lowest priced device is the 64GB for $999, followed by the 256GB iPhone for $1,099 USD. The most expensive is the ludicrous 512GB phone for $1,199.


Putting aside questions about who in the world could need a 512GB phone? That’s an estimated 128,000 songs.

The 12-inch MacBook doesn’t even have that much memory.

At current exchange rates, in English money the new batch of iPhones will set you back £774, £850 and £927 respectively. Ouch. And that’s just fag packet maths, which ignores the fact the phones usually cost a few hundred quid more in the UK.

Along with the prices, a video has surfaced online of a potential iPhone 8 in working order.

The video is blurred (as they always are), but it looks like it could potentially be legit.

Precious little else is known about the iPhone 8, including the release date and its design.


Thoughts are that there will be no home button, to make way for a larger screen on a similar sized device to the iPhone 7.

Interestingly, the screen is expected to be OLED for the first time, which means that it produces its own light.

If your first thought when reading that is ‘battery!!!’ then you’d be right, this design switch is expected to save a lot of battery, whilst improving display quality.

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