Leaked Photos ‘Showing iPhone 7’ Do The Rounds And People Aren’t Happy


Eager Apple fans have been excited and infuriated in equal measure by new pictures claiming to show the iPhone 7.

According to the Mirror the photos were somehow obtained by the Taiwanese site Apple Club , and they appear to confirm the growing rumours that Apple is all set to remove the 3.5 inch headphone jack from the new model.

The photos have emerged following earlier rumours that an unnamed ‘supply chain source’ told a Chinese website that the tech giant will be losing the jack input in favour of an all-in-one lightning connector. If the suspicions do turn out to be true, anyone who buys the next version of Apple’s iPhone will also have to buy a new set of headphones too.

However, as ever on Twitter, people were furious about the rumoured changes

Apple does have a history of disposing with old connectors, changing plug sockets and charger ports over the years, and they also ditched DVD drives from laptops. Cynics will say the updates are simply a ploy to allow Apple to make yet more dosh by flogging expensive peripherals.


Hopefully Apple have got something amazing planned to make up for the inconvenience…