LG Has Made An Instant Ice Cream Machine For Your Home


Electronics maker LG has created a concept machine that lets you easily make ice cream at home.

The personal ice cream maker, SnowWhite, was unveiled as a prototype at the South by Southwest conference in Texas. It works as a pod-based system, similar to a Nespresso or Tassimo machine. You add a base pod and a flavour pod into the machine, follow the machine’s instructions and voila! Fresh frozen delights.

Every pod will have a QR code printed on it, which tells the machine what delicious treat you want to make.

According to Engadget, SnowWhite might not be limited to making ice cream. They believe if it goes into production,  desserts like gelato, granita, sorbet and yogurt could be on the cards.

While this is currently just a concept, it could certainly change the way we eat desserts if it came into the market. LG used the machine as an example of what the company thinks it will be able to create for your home in the future.

Being able to make your own ice cream rather than scooping it out of a tub would be like a childhood dream come true. But with this currently just in the prototype phase, there’s no idea just how much the machine is going to cost or how likely it is to go into production.

This isn’t the first time LG has experimented with a capsule-based system this year. At CES in January, the South Korean based company unveiled a craft beer machine similar to the SnowWhite. The LG HomeBrew automates the fermentation, carbonation and aging of the beer. The machine unveiled by LG served American IPA, an American pale ale, an English stout, a Belgian-style Witbier, and a dry Czech pilsner.

With the rise of these types of machines following in the footsteps of coffee, we could soon be able to make literally anything with a pod-based machine. With smartphone integration, we could soon be able to make ice cream with a touch of a phone screen.

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