List Of Things That Didn’t Exist On Christmas Day 10 Years Ago Is Mind-Blowing

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To quote the iconic rapper Slick Rick ‘Hey Young World‘, with Christmas fast approaching it’s at times like this where I take a moment to reflect on life’s peculiar intricacies.

Keywords being; ‘reflect’ and ‘time’…. ‘Time’, in particular, is a daunting thing right? As cliche as it may sound, time really does fly by.

When you sit back and really think about how we a society have progressed – or regressed – it really does boggle the mind.


Think about it, 10 years ago we didn’t have access to apps like Angry Birds and Tinder to keep us occupied while we sit on the toilet.

Even something like WhatsApp, which is so ingrained in regards to how we communicate with each other that we couldn’t possibly imagine life without it, is barely 10 years old.

So in that respect, we’re about to blow your collective little minds and present to you…

A List Of Things That Did Not Exist On Christmas Day 10 Years Ago


Uber – Launched in 2009


Airbnb – Established in 2008


Instagram – Launched in 2010


Snapchat – Launched in 2011


Bitcoin – Established in 2009


iPad – Launched in 2010

Facebook Messenger App – Launched 2011


Kickstarter – Founded in 2009

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Pinterest – Launched in 2010

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App Store – Released in 2008

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Angry Birds – First game released in 2009

Google Chrome – Released in 2008

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WhatsApp – Released in 2009


Candy Crush – Released in 2012


Alexa – Released in 2014


Tinder – Released in 2012

Apple Watch 2 upgradesApple

Apple Watch – Introduced in 2015


Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes – First brewed in 2015

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I don’t about you but that list has made me feel well old. Someone get me out of here, take me back to the 90s, please.