Major Development Made In Quest For Life On Mars

by : UNILAD on : 03 Mar 2017 17:00

It seems scientists have made a huge discovery on Mars in regards to tracking down life forms. 


Scientists have found the red planet may have been more equipped to support life than we first thought….

Research into the planet’s surface has found we may have got it completely wrong and instead of being entirely barren and rocky, it may have actually been much wetter.

The study used ‘Martian meteorites’ to investigate into the planet’s environment and on first look, scientists thought it was proof Mars had always been dry, but instead it may have contained hydrogen.


This would mean the Red Planet could have been covered in water which would potentially mean there could have been life on Mars…

Water is the essential ingredient in creating life, so to discover it on a planet, massively increases the probability that life had once existed in some way, shape or form.

The discovery of hydrogen means phosphorous could also be or have been created, which is another necessity in creating life, at least on Earth, according to the Independent. 

In order to find out if water had been in existence on Mars, they created a synthetic version of the mineral whitlockite and simulated it being thrown onto the rocky planet.

They fired it with metal plates at incredible speeds of 1,678 miles per hour and added extreme amounts of pressure to get the desired effect of crash-landing into Mars.

Scientist on the study, Martin Kunz said:

This is important for deducing how much water could have been on Mars, and whether the water was from Mars itself rather than comets or meteorites.


This ‘fake’ experience only lasted for a fraction of the time it would on Mars, meaning the effect these conditions would be on Mars would almost be 100 times stronger.

Researchers are now hoping to examine meteorites which have been thrown from Mars to Earth and measure the levels of water components they may contain, if any.

If they do, then it’s potentially proof water exists or has existed on Mars and could therefore support life…

Interesting. This could be huge…

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