Man Builds Enormous Battery Capable Of Charging 5,000 Phones

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Man Builds Enormous Battery Capable Of Charging 5,000 Phones
Man Builds Enormous Battery Capable Of Charging 5,000 Phones (手工耿Handy Geng/YouTube)

A YouTuber has built a 'portable' power bank that can charge 5,000 smartphones.

Geng Shuai, also known as Handy Geng, has built a battery that has a total of 60 three-pin sockets on it opposed to USB slots, and has a capacity of 27,000,000 maH.

The charger measures 180cm by 120cm by 30cm, and is the equivalent of roughly 900 commercial packs.


Check it out:


While many use power banks to charge their phones, this hefty battery can also be used to supply household white goods, from washing machines to cookers and televisions, and can even charge electric bikes for 'roadside assistance', The Independent reports.

Geng stated, 'With this power bank, you don’t need to worry at all about lacking electricity when outdoors. You’ll never need to worry about a power outage again.'


Geng first thought of the idea when he realised how small the capacity of his power bank was, and how his friends all had larger power banks than him.

In a video about the bank, he noted, 'As an ambitious person, i couldn't sleep for several nights, so I decided to make a super large mega power bank.'

However, while the bank packs a punch in terms of its charging capacity, it lacks convenience given how vast it is.


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University of Michigan researchers are now attempting to create power banks that aren't quite as big as Geng's.

The team used Kevlar – best known for use in bulletproof vests – to mimic a cell membrane and create a network of nanofibres.

As per The Independent, electric car batteries have had their charge quintupled by the new development.


Following the creation of a new electric car battery lab by General Motors, which also seeks to halve costs, it is also hoped that electric cars could be driven up to 600 miles on a single charge.

In October 2021, Tim Grewe, the director of battery engineering and strategy at GM, reflected, 'We need to make better batteries that cost a lot less.'

Alongside the developments being made to car batteries, researchers are also trying to find ways to prolong the life of smartphone batteries by up to five years by analysing ways to better utilise charging cycles and to stop the deterioration of cells.

The lengthening of battery life would not only be good for the environment and economy, but could also help technology within medicine, such as improving the use of equipment by those with artificial organs.


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