Man Finds Woman’s Phone, Hijacks Her Tinder And Leaves Creepiest Facebook Post Ever


This guy definitely needs a fews lessons in the art of seduction…

Fair play to him for his honesty and handing in this girls phone, but he instantly lost all credibility when he left a creepy Facebook post on her wall.

The guy – known only as Luke – stumbled across Monica Cook’s phone at Edgecliff Train Station in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and decided to hand it in at Town Hall Station. But not before invading her privacy in a pretty gross way.

He hacked into it by guessing the pass code which was ‘an easy guess’. But that’s not all. He then accessed her Tinder, found himself and swiped right. Who said romance was dead?

Read this post at your peril, it’s guaranteed to make your skin crawl…

At first, Monica understandably seemed pretty freaked out by the post…

But after she calmed down a bit and realised her phone had been handed in she gave everyone an update. Despite being ‘weirded out’ by his gesture she’s still considering a date with the bloke.

Well he’s definitely got the cringe factor.