Man Jailed After Lifting Sleeping Ex-Girlfriend’s Eyelids To Unlock Her Phone

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Man Jailed After Lifting Sleeping Ex-Girlfriend’s Eyelids To Unlock Her PhoneAlamy

A man has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail for using his sleeping ex-girlfriend’s eyes to unlock her phone.

A man in the southern Chinese city of Nanning, named only as Huang, lifted his sleeping ex-girlfriend’s eyelids to get into her phone and steal more than $24,000 from her digital wallet.


The 28-year-old man reportedly visited his ex-girlfriend, named as Dong, in December last year, telling her he wanted to return some money he’d borrowed while the couple had been dating.

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As per Vice, Dong was ill at the time and Huang spiked her meal with cold medicine, then waited until she fell asleep. He then accessed her smartphone first by using her finger to unlock it, and then lifted her eyelids to get through the facial recognition scanner on the Alipay app.

He used her account to transfer around 154,000 Chinese yuan (about $24,000) into his own savings, then left with the phone and used the money to cover living costs and pay his gambling debts.


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Dong soon found out what had happened when she woke up and saw the money transfer on her other phone, and then contacted the police after Huang didn’t respond to her attempts to get in contact.

Huang was arrested in April, and in addition to his three-and-a-half years jail sentence he has also been fined 20,000 yuan ($3,100).

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After the case went viral, Vice says it has prompted a discussion over security measures and the loopholes associated with fingerprint scanners and facial recognition checks.


Alipay has said its facial recognition software doesn’t work if the person’s face is expressionless, but they did suggest customers should add other layers of protection and alert the police if there is unusual activity on their account.

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    Man Lifts His Sleeping Ex-Girlfriend’s Eyelids to Unlock Her Phone, Stealing $24,000