Man Needed Five Surgeries After ‘E-Cigarette Exploded In His Mouth’

by : Tom Percival on : 07 Feb 2016 14:14
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A young man who claims an e-cigarette exploded while he was smoking it, is now recovering from excruciating injuries.

The Mirror reports that Ryan Bailey, 22, suffered burns to both his lips and a hand, plus damage to his teeth, after his Knight Mod e-cig allegedly blew up while it was in his mouth.


After the explosion, he was rushed to hospital where he had to have four emergency operations on his left hand, including a skin graft.

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Speaking of the incident, Bailey said: 

I am just lucky to still be here. The doctors said that if the explosion had not hit my teeth, it would have gone down my throat and killed me.


Unfortunately, Bailey’s terrible ordeal isn’t over yet and he now faces the prospect of a fifth operation to repair the damage fully. He will also need ­extensive dental work.

12592749_1661044560787150_4279185217882072299_nTom Percival

Speaking of the incident he explained:

It suddenly blew up in my mouth. There was no warning. My sister was screaming and crying and rang for an ­ambulance.

I couldn’t feel any pain at first because of the adrenaline so I didn’t know how bad it was. I put out the fire on the carpet then I looked down at my hand and then in the mirror. I couldn’t believe it.

My face was black where it had blown up and my hand had swollen to twice its size. It was like having had a stick of dynamite explode in my hand.

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Man Shocked After Letter Labelled With His ‘Life Story’ Gets Delivered

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Last month, it was reported that dad-of-two Kevin Woodward suffered horrific burns to his face and arms when an e-cigarette, which he had left on charge overnight, burst into flames while he was sleeping. Mr Woodward, 30, said it felt as if someone had held a “blow torch” to his face.

The Local Government Association, which represents the fire services, have urged e-cigarette manufacturers to begin display warnings on packaging after more than 100 blazes over the past two years were linked to the devices.

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