Man Spends Daughter’s Wedding Fund On Buying Homes For The Homeless


Some people just get shit done.

How many politicians talk about schemes and projects they intend to launch to combat homelessness but how often does someone just build 90 homes and give them to people in need?

Ajay Munot, a wealthy businessman from India, had put aside £93,000 to pay for his daughter’s wedding but decided to put the money to a far more noble cause.


Munot lives in the Aurangabad district of eastern India, where many people are poor and living in poverty.

With the encouragement of his daughter Shreya, the wholesale cloth and wheat trader constructed 90 houses on two acres of land and carefully selected who would live in them.

The three criteria he used to choose the residence were: they needed to be poor, live in a slum, and not suffer from an addiction, the Independent reports.


Each home is 12 by 20 square foot, has two windows, two doors and is fitted with lights.

Shreya told ANI News it was the ‘biggest gift for her wedding’.

Munot said:

This is the new chapter in history and I hope that the same concept will be followed by the other rich communities.

We have some responsibilities towards our society and we tried to comply with it.


The Quint interviewed Shab Ali Shaikh, who moved into one of the houses, who said:

We had no water or electricity supply in our earlier house.

We are extremely happy to have this new house

Another man who Munot helped said: “We can never forget this wedding.”

What an incredible guy.