Man Storms Off Robot Wars After Losing To Children


The team leader of veteran Robot Wars team, ‘Bethemoth’ stropped off set after losing to a team of kids.

A lot is said about today’s generation, the millenials, it’s claimed that they’re; lazy, stupid and self-entitled. But if the newest episode of Robot Wars is anything to go by, that’s all a bunch of bollocks.

If the latest episode of the newly revived Robot Wars is anything to go by, then the future of the world is in capable hands (if Trump doesn’t blow us all to shit that is).

Team ‘Behemoth’, who were runners-up in the first ever world championships, lost to a group of kids – and their legal guardian – dubbed Team Cherub. Hardly strikes fear into the hearts’ of men does it?

You’d expect a team consisting of veterans to massacre these young pups, but no, they were beaten when the match was forced to restart and they were immobilised.

So were team Behemoth gracious in defeat?

Hell no, team leader and driver, Ant, walked off in huff upon discovering that they lost, hastily handling the controls to his teammate. Was he trying to pass off the blame? Was he trying to fool the audience into thinking that it wasn’t him that was operating Behemoth during that battle?

He’s seen leaving he can be seen muttering a ‘whatever’ under his breath’, so yeah… he was really pissed off. Ant himself blames the experimental weapons they put on their robot which he saw as a ‘poor decision’.

Doesn’t help that Team Cherub decided to rub it in their fallen opponent’s faces with this odd celebration.

What’s worse: This or ‘The Dab’?


Better luck next time lads…