Mark Zuckerberg Is Building An ‘AI Butler’ For His Home

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jan 2016 14:46

It looks like Mark Zuckerberg is channelling Tony Stark after announcing that he intends to build an ‘AI butler’ that can run his home for him.


In a post on Facebook, Zuckerberg wrote “You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man.” The butler’s initial goals will include controlling music, lights and temperature, to recognise when friends are at the front door and to alert him if his newborn daughter needs attention.

According to theverge.com most of that is perfectly doable – even for the non-billionaire home builder – however the more challenging aspects of the project include making it work without direct input by him or his wife, Priscilla Chan.


Zuckerberg wrote:


I’m very interested in using voice and face recognition to set lights and temperature as well depending on who is in what rooms. For example, I like rooms colder than Cilla, and but it’s possible to just see who is in what room and adjust the temperatures automatically.

The really interesting – and most advanced – part of Zuckerberg’s AI plan will come when he attempts to incorporate it into his work. Describing the ‘simple AI’ that he intends to build, Zuckerberg says: “On the work side, it’ll help me visualise data in virtual reality to help me build better services and lead my organisations more effectively.”


We can only assume that Zuckerberg will be able to get some tips from fellow billionaire Elon Musk, who has already shown-off his Tony Stark-esque lab which lets him use gestures and projections to manipulate machinery. 

Zuckerberg plans to share his progress along the way and this project is just the latest in his series of annual challenges, which have included learning Mandarin, and personally killing every animal that he eats.

Why not?

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