Mark Zuckerberg’s Version Of Facebook Is Very Different To Ours


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Mark Zuckerberg introduced us all to Facebook’s live-broadcasting feature, Facebook Live last week.

You might have seen it already, but it essentially allows Facebook users to live-stream straight from their smartphones.


But when Zuckerberg whipped out his own iPhone to talk to us about the other new features, his Facebook was a load different compared to all of of ours.

For starters, the traditionally blue Facebook app was yellow- which is just bizarre. But apparently this is because it’s a secret version that the company uses to test out upcoming features.


His version is a lot larger too. It allows him to easily post GIF’s and music, which already featured on the site, but were never easily shared.

In general, the new interface looks to be trying to encourage people to share more about themselves on the site (just in case you haven’t revealed your entire life on there already).


Some of these features have already been rolled out to some users already, but other aspects might never actually make it to people’s phones at all.

As Zuckerberg explained during the live video: “Not everything there’s gonna launch, [but] some of it will over time.”

Live from Facebook HQ for the Live video launch!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

It remains to be seen what other secret features are lurking in the ‘yellow’ version of the app, but this is certainly an exciting taster of what’s to come.