Michael Jordan’s New Golf Course Uses Drone To Deliver Beer To Players

by : Daniel Richardson on : 10 Dec 2020 10:53
Michael Jordan's New Golf Course Uses Drone To Deliver Beer To PlayersPA Images/BrendanPorath/Twitter

Michael Jordan has invested in the latest technology on his new golf course in Florida, The Grove XXIII, and this is best illustrated by a drone-based delivery service which is available to members. 

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest NBA player of all time, but he also has a well-documented interest in other sports. Jordan also played in the MBL and has long had a passion for golf. When the basketball star began developing a golf course, many had high hopes, and it appears that the latest technology has been implemented to treat the course members.


A video from the course, by former tennis professional Caroline Wozniacki, has now been shared on Twitter, and it shows an incredible delivery system for snacks:

A drone brings snacks in a brown paper bag to players as they enjoy a round of golf. The player simply approaches the bag and seemingly unhooks the bag from the drone. This technology would not only be useful on every course, but while social distancing measures are in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, this looks particularly helpful. It is unclear what the snacks are, but they evidently arrived in style.

Interestingly, behind the snack delivery is someone driving a scooter at a pretty quick pace. It appears that The Grove XXIII has plenty of ways to keep its visitors entertained through its unique technology, and many would be interested to see what is on offer. With that said, it seems that drones are the main attraction in terms of tech, and other videos have shown their capabilities.


There is more than just snack delivery available on the course. Beverages can be delivered in what looks like a riskier manoeuvre for the person controlling the drone. Nonetheless, a video has illustrated beers being delivered and carefully lowered during a game. While this technology is not a testament to the quality of the course, many will be tempted to visit given the technology that is on offer.


Guy Uses Drone To Deliver Neighbour His Favourite Snack During Isolation

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It seems that the greatest of all time in basketball is applying a similar groundbreaking methodology to his golf course, at least in terms of technology. As a result, many golf fans would likely want to visit, although they may want to make some powerful friends as the course is invitation only. Unfortunately, access to the courses with all the trimmings of drone-delivered beverages will be out of the reach of many who don’t have powerful friends.

With that said, trying to make some new friends for drone delivered snacks and beverages sounds like a worthwhile endeavour.


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