Microsoft Announces The Surface Neo, A Brand New Dual-Screen Device

by : Matt Weston on : 02 Oct 2019 16:49

If you thought that foldable smartphones were the next big craze in the technology world, Microsoft just upped the stakes even further.

At their latest Microsoft Surface event in New York, the tech giant announced they were upgrading their Surface Pro and Surface Laptop line. While improvements to product lines are always welcomed, nobody expected them to showcase an entirely new product never seen on the market before.


The Surface Neo is a dual-screen tablet, instead of a one screen device that folds. Microsoft has said that each side of the device is 5.6mm thick and weighs just 655 grams.

Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay revealed that the screens for the Surface Neo are the “thinnest LCD ever created.”


The two touchscreens enable you to run one app on one screen and another on the second display. There’s even the option to use one app across the entire screen.


A brand new Surface Pen mounts magnetically onto the back of the Neo device, with an additional keyboard able to sit on top of the Neo’s second screen if you need an intense typing session.

When you’re not using the keyboard, it sticks to the back of the tablet with magnets out of the way.


In order to run the device, there’s a brand new version of Windows called Windows 10X. It’s designed to deal with multitasking on the book-like device.


Inside the device is Intel’s Lakefield chipsets which are designed specifically for dual-screen devices. Thanks to stacked architecture, it’s small enough for dual-screen devices that need to be thin.

Microsoft have announced that the device will be launched in fall 2020, with the announcement helping to create hype and also encourage developers to start making their apps compatible.

There is no indication as to how much the device will cost or battery life, but does that matter when the device looks this incredible?!

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