MP Accidentally Tweets Lloyd Banks To Complain About Her Mortgage


In this modern social media age we inhabit, where do you go to vent your fury when a bank fucks you about?

Twitter, of course, which is where this MP went to tell Lloyds Bank that she was incredibly unhappy with the level of service they provide.

Except Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, accidentally mixed her @s up, and instead of reaching out to the high street bank she has a mortgage with, she ended up venting her fury to rapper Lloyd Banks.

Yeah, I also don’t think G-Unit are going to be that bothered if she switches her mortgage provider. Still, Lloyd Banks is a better shout to reach out to then 50 Cent if she wants to sort out her financial mess.

Champion soon deleted the tweet, but not these replies, in which one person didn’t quite see the misplaced @ and engaged the MP in a conversation about shit banks.

But some people did realise her massive fuck up:

Although Lloyd Banks is probably used to a spot of social media beef, I don’t think he was ready for the wrath of a British MP who hath been scorned by financial small print, and is yet to reply to Champion’s accusations.

Either that or he’s lying low until the beef is squashed…