‘Murderer’ Makes Sinister Post On Craigslist Thanking City For First Kill

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A sinister post made on the online classified advertisements website Craigslist has sparked a murder investigation.

In the creepy as fuck advert, made on the Tulsa page of the website, the anonymous ‘murderer’ claims that this was his ‘first kill’ and that the police will have a hard time solving the case because it was ‘stranger on stranger’ – he even thanked the city for the opportunity.

Even more disturbing is that the alleged killer’s bloodlust hasn’t been satisfied and he claims he’ll strike again in Oklahoma, making a terrifying mention of two local officials.


Katie Higgins, a reporter for FOX23spotted the post and sent it to Sgt. Dave Walker at the Tulsa Police Homicide Unit, who said they’d look into it.

Walker said:

Intelligence folks said they saw it and they are going to work on it.

Police sent a subpoena to Craigslist to find out more details about the post but it could take time for that to process. While the police are taking the post extremely seriously and investigating it, Walker also said that they couldn’t rule out that it was a hoax.

The police sergeant went on to explain:

You know, we don’t have anyone who is unaccounted for. We don’t have a dead person that we haven’t figured out

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He told FOX23 this isn’t the first time he’s seen people make shit up, before now they’ve received reports of texts asking ‘how to bury a body’, adding: “Maybe they are drunk or stupid.”

However the difference is that this disturbing Craigslist post mentions people by name, specifically a local judge and a Department of Corrections employee, Walker claims: ‘naming those folks means there is some sort of connection’.

What do you think about this creepy Craigslist post titled “Tulsa Murder?” I sent it to police this weekend when I found it – now find out what they’re doing about it tonight at 9.

Posted by FOX23 Katie Higgins on Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Lets hope that this post turns out to be nothing but a drunken hoax.