Mysterious Creator Of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Finally Unmasked


Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has publicly identified himself as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the BBC reports.

Mr Wright has finally put to bed years of guesswork over who created the digital currency. Bitcoin allows people to trade peer-to-peer which has led the U.S. Treasury to categorize bitcoin as a decentralised virtual currency.

He proved his claim with Bitcoins that can only have belonged to the Bitcoin’s creator.

He showed the digital keys used in the first bitcoin transaction to BBC tech reporter Rory Cellan-Jones:

The Bitcoin community and development team have also backed up the entrepreneur’s version of events – meaning Chris is almost certainly the man behind the world’s largest digital currency.

physical-bitcoinMike Cauldwell

It remains to be seen whether the big reveal will affect the price of Bitcoin. It seems doubtful that it’ll return to the heady highs of $1,147.45 (£692.73) per coin in 2013.

At the time of writing, a Bitcoin is currently worth $443.43 (£303.38) each. Time to start checking those old hard drives.