NASA Announces Moon Definitely Has Water In Major Breakthrough

by : Daniel Richardson on : 26 Oct 2020 16:31
Nasa Announces Moon Definitely Has Water In Major BreakthroughNASA

The moon has been widely considered to be an empty natural satellite, but NASA has now confirmed there is undoubtedly water on the orbital.

NASA has announced the moon has a series of water traps that can be used in space expeditions. There is no indication of how the ice got there, but it debunks previous theories that any possible water would be evaporated by the sun when it shines on the satellite. There had also been previous claims that liquid may exist on the moon, but it would be made up of hydroxyl rather than water. Nonetheless, NASA has confirmed that the liquid on the moon is unequivocally water.

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On the back of this landmark discovery, there have already been theories about how lunar life could be established as well as how the water could be used in space missions that go further out into the solar system. The full extent of the quantity of water is unclear, but it is in the form of ice around the poles of the moon and appears to be protected by shadowy patches, Space.com reports.

Assistant professor in the laboratory of atmospheric and space physics at University of Colorado Boulder, Paul Hayne, has spoken about the significance of these shadows:

If you can imagine standing on the surface of the moon near one of its poles, you would see shadows all over the place. Many of those tiny shadows could be full of ice.


Hannah Sargeant, a planetary scientist from the Open University, explained the impact of this discovery to BBC News, saying, ‘It gives us more options for potential water sources on the moon’ before explaining that these shadows and their water would make them better locations for moon bases.

Sargeant also noted that there are already plans for moon bases to remain on the surface permanently, and this discovery will likely impact how this work is done and will add to the anticipation that surrounds these missions.

The repercussions of this discovery could be huge for bases on the moon and it will be interesting to see how it is utilised in future missions.

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