NASA Set To Investigate UFOs Seriously

by : Daniel Richardson on : 05 Jun 2021 12:06
NASA Set To Investigate UFOs SeriouslyUS Department of Defense/PA

NASA’s new chief has explained that the space agency is furthering efforts to study UFOs even if they’re not connected to aliens. 

There is excitement about the Pentagon releasing its information on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) this month. Despite the mystery surrounding the objects, insider reports have suggested this information will not show tangible evidence of extraterrestrial life.


NASA chief Bill Nelson has now discussed studying UFOs further but has echoed the sentiments of Pentagon insiders by outlining that it is unlikely that any object will be connected to alien life.

UFO (PA Images)PA Images

Speaking to CNN Businesss Rachel Crane, Nelson said that he believed he would know if there were extraterrestrial visitors.

However, Nelson added that more study of UFOs can be done:


We don’t know if [UFOs are] extraterrestrial. We don’t know if it’s an enemy. We don’t know if it’s an optical phenomenon. We don’t think [it’s an optical phenomenon] because of the characteristics that those Navy jet pilots described… And so the bottom line is, we want to know.

Nelson reportedly did not create a division to investigate the phenomenons. Instead, the NASA chief encouraged researchers to investigate cases as they saw fit.

NASA Press Secretary Jackie McGuinness explained why this kind of research is important:

There’s not really a lot of data and… scientists should be free to follow these leads, and it shouldn’t be stigmatised. This is a really interesting phenomenon and Americans are clearly interested in it [so if] the scientists want to investigate, they should.

UFO (PA Images)PA Images

What this research will turn up is unclear. Nonetheless, it seems NASA expects strange sightings to be explained by nature.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Thomas Zurbuchen, an astrophysicist and NASA’s associate administrator for science, explained:

People tend to underestimate nature. Nature is an amazing place where a lot of miracles happen. And once we understand, it’s like, ‘Why didn’t we think of that? In the realm of science we’re all about unidentified issues and objects…So, using the tools of science, we will do whatever we can to move our understanding forward.


Featured Image Credit: US Department of Defense/PA Images

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