New App Tells You How Many People Died In Your House


Ever wondered if anyone’s died in your house, but you’re not stupid enough to do a seance or some shit like that? If this sounds like you, here’s the app for you…

The aptly named DiedInHouse, literally tells you all you need to know about who’s died in your house – whether grisly or peaceful. But this goes the extra mile, going past just the type of death, this morbid helper also gives you a bit of an insight into the circumstances behind their death. That’s pretty bleak.

This could be particularly useful in the U.S. though, as estate agents do not need to disclose whether any former tenants or owners have died in the property to potential buyers. Giving them a chance to avoid a Murder House-esque catastrophe or drive down the price – depends what your priorities are I guess.

It can also give you the deets of Breaking Bad-style meth labs or any dodgy characters, with the search covering death certificates and millions of local records. Unfortunately, this app hasn’t hit British shores yet and is only available in America.

But what you don’t know cant hurt you though, right?