New Calculator Reveals How Much Money You Can Make From A Tweet

Twitter Inc. Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings ReleaseGetty

As Twitter turns 10, a new online calculator is here to tell you just how much dollar you could make from posting a single, lone tweet.

If you’re like the majority of people – tired and fed up of waking up every morning and slogging it out ’til 5pm just to pay the bills – then there may be a new career path for you, according to the Express.

In our modern world which is rife with false advertisement and mild corruption, it turns out companies will actually pay you pretty good money just to say complimentary things about their brand.

And how much can you make? Well this free calculator can make a pretty good guess for you:


All you have to do is put your Twitter handle into Webfluential’s new calculator and, voila, figures will appear before your very eyes.

A lot of the time it isn’t very much. I checked my own handle and realised I could make between £7 and £10. But, then again, a tenner for a tweet is bizarre.


And, considering you could potentially type up hundreds of tweets every day, the money you could make is pretty endless.

But, things could quickly turn sour as you could start to lose a lot of followers in no time at all if you spent your days merely spamming people’s feeds with links to little known products.

So don’t go too crazy!