New Dating App Lets Your Mates Pick Your Partner

by : Francesca Donovan on : 23 Jan 2019 19:03
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They say your friends know you better than anyone else – but can your pals pick your perfect partner out of a dating app line-up?


If so, this is the dating app for all you singles out there who are too trusting of your mates and can’t be bothered to find your own forever lobster.

So if your BFF knows their Casanova from their love rats, and you’ve not had any luck in love online so far, the good folk over at media company Betches have designed a solution to put the power, as Paddy would say, in their hands.

Developed by the makers of Tinder, Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid, this new dating app – aptly named Ship – allows your allocated friends to sift through all of your potential matches on your behalf.


It’s pretty functional too.

If you swipe right on someone you fancy who also swiped right for you, the profile of your love match will be sent to a group chat where you and your mates can discuss the match further…

So, it’s basically an automatic WhatsApp group to suss out dates, which sounds like almost all of my mates’ group chats already, to be honest.

After dissecting the person’s profile, it’s ultimately up to you whether you want to ‘match’ with the person your friends recommend.

So, it’s the same method of courtship people have been conducting without the automation of an app since the dawn of time, but now we’ve got a handy little interface to help us interface with potential partners in this age of efficient conversation.

In their founding statement, media company Betches said:


As millennials, dating apps are a part of our collective experience, but the way we connect on these apps doesn’t mimic the real-life interaction that happens when people are out with friends.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new dating app, Ship, built to bring social connection back to dating.

We build our lives around the connections and friendships that matter the most to us, and Ship allows us to be there for our friends as they navigate the world of dating.

Disclaimer: I do not ship, fangirl or stan this.

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