New Electric Supercar Can Recharge To 80 Percent In Less Than Five Minutes

Electric supercarPiech Automotive

Electric car company Piëch Automotive says it’s Mark Zero is powered by a new type of battery which will recharge to 80 per cent in less than five minutes.

The company claim its car is able to deliver a full 311 miles (500 km) once it’s been charged to a full 100 per-cent.

The coupe uses different kinds of battery cells to those found in conventional electric cars. They add the car can handle high currents without a risk of overheating, allowing it to reach an 80 per cent charge in an incredibly impressive four minutes and 40 seconds.

On the company’s website, they talk about how they’re able to store energy in the battery:

These batteries develop hardly any heat when charging and discharging, which allows significantly stronger currents to flow without increasing the battery temperature by more than 15 degrees.

Electric supercarPiech Automotive

Piëch state the Mark Zero is equipped with three electric motors. It has a 150kW motor at the front and two rear 150kW motors. These are said to help the car go from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds.

There’s speculation Piech could be the unnamed buyer of Aston Martin’s Vanquish intellectual property, according to The Verge.

Last year, Aston Martin sold the blueprints for their Vanquish supercar for £20 million ($26 million), to a ‘third-party car manufacturer’. Rumours have been circulating about the mysterious buyer ever since. Could it be Piëch?

If you’re interested in purchasing this stunning vehicle, you may have to wait a little while.

A release date and information about the manufacturing partners, as well as the cost of the vehicle haven’t been announced just yet.

It could be a long wait before one of these EV’s rolls off a production line. There’s also the problem these super-fast recharges will need a charging network to deliver their speeds.

While it all looks good on paper, it’ll be interesting to see how long the wait is before these cars are actually available to purchase.

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