New First Class For The Ultra Rich Looks Amazingly Futuristic

by : Tom Percival on : 14 Dec 2015 13:18
sky deck 9sky deck 9Windspeed Technologies

Move over first class, there’s a new ultra expensive way for the super rich to fly.

The new Sky Deck system allows passengers lucky enough to be able to afford it to watch the in-flight view from the luxury of a ‘bubble’ on top of the plane, offering breath-taking views.


The system features a glass “teardrop canopy”, popping out of the top of a plane, where passengers can sit and watch the world go by. Windspeed Technologies, who designed the tech, says it will “provide an exhilarating view of the aircraft’s external environment while in flight” and will be available soon.

sky deck 10sky deck 10Windspeed Technologies

There are currently two different designs, one which has a lift that transports the passenger into the bubble, and another, slightly less futuristic design where you walk up a flight of stairs going up into the canopy in the roof of the plane.

Check out what the Sky Deck could potentially look like below.


The pod will begin sitting in the luxury cabin.

Sky deck 2Sky deck 2Windspeed Technologies

Passengers will sit in the two seats.

Sky DeckSky DeckWindspeed Technologies

Before moving up into the canopy.

sky deck 5sky deck 5Windspeed Technologies

Where the passenger will get an incredible view of the plane.

sky deck 4sky deck 4Windspeed Technologies

They’ll even get their own surface to check how they are far into the flight.

sky deck 6sky deck 6Windspeed Technologies

The seats are even maneuverable moving 360 degrees around.

Sky Deck 7Sky Deck 7Windspeed Technologies

And it looks pretty awesome.

Sky Deck 8Sky Deck 8Windspeed Technologies

If you don’t think think the pictures do it justice you can also check out the company’s promo video.

The company haven’t mentioned a price yet but currently a British Airways first class ticket costs around £5,000, so it’s not going to be cheap. Don’t go thinking that aerospace companies just design for the mega-rich. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford cattle class you can try the newly-proposed windowless planes, which has been described as ‘baggage class’… Jesus that’s pretty bleak.

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