New iPhone Feature CarKey Allows Users To Open And Start Their Car

by : Lucy Connolly on : 23 Jun 2020 11:39
New iPhone Feature CarKey Allows Users To Open And Start Their CarNew iPhone Feature CarKey Allows Users To Open And Start Their CarApple

Have you ever wanted a car that can read your mind? How about a car that’s completely wireless? Or even just one you can control without having to use your keys?


Then I’ve got just the thing for you. Well, kind of, because a new iPhone feature that allows users to open and start their car without a key has been developed, meaning the days of endlessly searching your bag or coat pockets are officially over.

Admittedly, the new technology doesn’t let the car read your mind, or anywhere near the sort for that matter, but it does allow drivers to lock, unlock, and start up their car using just an iPhone or Apple Watch.

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Aptly called CarKey, the feature is part of the newly revealed iOS 14 and will work with near field communication (NFC), Apple announced yesterday, June 22, at its at Worldwide Developers Conference.


The first car supported will be the new 2021 BMW 5 Series, which is set to hit the market next month, although Apple says it’s working on an industry-wide standard that would use its new U1 ultra wideband chip instead of relying solely on NFC.

So how does it work? It’s pretty simple, really; once you’ve paired your iPhone or Apple Watch with a car that supports CarKey, if you want to unlock your car you just need to hold your Apple device near an NFC reader in your car – for example, inside the car’s door handle.

You’ll then be asked to authenticate using either Face ID or Touch ID before the car will unlock. Alternatively, you can set up Express Mode which allows you to skip biometric authentication.

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Once inside, the driver needs to place their iPhone or Apple device inside the charger and push the ignition button to start the vehicle.

CarKey also lets you share keys with other iOS users via iMessage. All you need to do is create a driver profile that allows you to restrict how long family and friends have access to the key for.

Emily Schubert, Senior Manager of Car Experience Engineering for Apple, said, as per MailOnline:

Digital keys have security benefits. If your keys go missing you can turn off your keys remotely. They are even easier to share than a physical key.

Copies do not involve trips to the dealership and you can share them no mater where you are with iMessage. With each key you share, you can set options like a restricted driver profile.

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Apple noted it will roll out CarKey in iOS 13 as well, with the feature hoping to be supported by all vehicles with the specific communication reader.

The tech giant also said it hopes to see support for this standard starting in new cars next year.

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