New iPhone SE Revealed, Here’s What You Need To Know

by : UNILAD on : 21 Mar 2016 19:06
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Apple has officially launched the latest member of the ever-increasing iPhone family.


Say hello to the iPhone SE.

Here are some of the updates consumers have been waiting to discover:

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It Should Fit Comfortably In Your Pocket


The new iPhone SE marks a return to the four inch design last utilised in the iPhone 5.

In fact, to look at, it is essentially still an iPhone 5, so unlike the iPhone 6 there shouldn’t be too many reports of devices getting warped in people’s back pockets.

The SE Is A Lot Cheaper Than The 6

The SE will be sold in the U.S. at $399 without a contract – roughly £277 – although according to their UK site a 16GB handset will cost £359.

That is £180 cheaper than a 16GB iPhone 6S.

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The SE Is ‘The Most Powerful Four-Inch Phone Ever’ Apparently

Although the SE will look uncannily like the 5 it has some major differences under the hood.


As he presented the latest device, Greg Joswiak said:

It’s got advancements that will make it the most powerful 4-inch phone ever.

Featuring the same A9 Processor that is inside the 6 Joswiak boasted the SE will perform three times as faster than the 5s, with a similar difference in graphic capability.

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Live Photos Are Here

The SE will also feature an upgrade in camera technology, including a 12-megapixel camera comparable to that of the 6.

It will also bring still images to life with live photos adding movement to images when activated.

It Doesn’t Feature 3D Touch

Some advances were a step too far at this stage for four-inch phones, and the SE will not include the 3D touch showcased by the 6.

3D touch is a component which allows the phone to sense how hard a user is pressing.


Old School Headphones Remain Compatible…We Think

There was no mention at the press event of rumoured controversial plans to have headphones input via the thunderbolt port.

This means, for now at least, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on headphones that are solely compatible with your iPhone – huzzah.

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Beyond the iPhone it was also announced that a new iPad pro is also on its way.

From the same research that indicated users wanted a smaller phone Apple also found a smaller iPad would be popular – so that’s what they’ve done.

The new iPad will have a 9.7 inch screen and is available for $599 in the U.S. and from £499 in the UK.

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And for the devout fans of the Apple Watch there is good news – there are a variety of new straps coming your way…please try to stay calm.

You can order both the iPhone SE and new iPad Pro from March 24, and you can expect to see a ridiculous queue of early adopters at your local Apple store on March 31 when both officially become available.

And finally, as the war between Apple and the FBI over data encryption continues there was a defiant two fingers to the feds.

It was not only stated that Apple is fully committed to ensuring the privacy of all its customers was secure, but with the latest iOS 9.3 update even Notes will be password protected.

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