New Tinder Feature Takes Being A Wingman To Creepy New Levels


Anyone who’s downloaded Tinder’s most recent update may have noticed a creepy new feature…

If you’ve ever come across someone’s Tinder profile and thought ‘not my type but I could see them with so-and-so’ there wasn’t much you could do about it without doing some pretty hardcore (not to mention disturbing) stalking.

But not anymore people, not anymore. The dating app’s new feature now allows you to share profiles with your mates in a sort of online system of mobile wingmen (and women) setting up their buddies.


Basically, the feature lets users send a link to a profile they come across via text, allowing the recipient to swipe left or right on that profile.

According to MTV News the link is temporary, expiring after either five clicks or 72 hours – whichever comes first.

To be honest, this built-in self-destruct sounds like a damn great idea as it means the link to your profile can’t be passed around indefinitely.


And if it’s all getting a bit much with all your coupled-up mates sending you a neverending stream of ‘matches’ you can just opt out in the app’s Discovery Settings.

On the other hand, it also provides a legit reason for anyone in a relationship to be on Tinder – ‘I’m just looking for a match for my mate…’