New Tinder Update Could Be A Game Changer


Tinder’s is spreading its wings and developing a new way for unlucky in love users to get potential dates. 

If you’ve ever had your phone die on public transport and been forced to read a paper then chances are you’ve read the daily tabloids ‘Missed Connections’ letters column. A frankly odd page where complete strangers write into a paper and confess their undying love for strangers who they’ve spotted around town.

You know what I mean those weird ad that read like this: “Brunette girl getting off the Deansgate-Castlefield Metro with a golf club in one hand – how about you and I go clubbing?” – or something else just as weird and creepy that’s definitely not made up by bored newspaper editors, with nothing better to do.


Well in news that I’m sure will be exciting for anyone looking at taking up a new hobby, like stalking, Tinder have recently purchased Humin, a contact management start-up. This has lead to speculation that the dating app will soon allow you to flirt with nearby strangers who you like the look of, Forbes reports.

Officially Humin is a start-up that will ‘help users meet new people, connect with friends, and manage their relationships in the real world.’

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Industry experts however have suggested that Tinder’s real prize is the technology and intellectual property behind ‘Knock Knock app’ which allows registered users to view each other when they’re close and make contact without the need to exchange numbers.

As great an idea as this may be I can see a few drawbacks, firstly it will only work if the beautiful stranger/handsome hunk on the bus has the Knock Knock app and it could deny some bored newspaper editors a potential career as erotic fiction writers.

But if it get’s people a few dates then jokes aside it’s a good thing, plus it’ll hopefully help you spot people staring on the bus.