New Virus Disguises Itself As WhatsApp To Video You For Blackmail


An alarming new virus that can discreetly film and record smartphone users is taking the cyber world by storm.

A malware known as GhostCtrl, which has the potential to disguise itself as apps like WhatsApp and Pokemon Go, has already hit some phone owners.

When punters download the fake apps they accidentally install the ability to access their phones which could turn their lives upside down.

Hackers will be able to attain your camera, web history as well as the ability to intercept text messages.


Most frighteningly, hackers can record your voice audio and upload it to their computer servers.

A breed of GhostCtrl was recently used against a string of Israeli hospitals by a ‘worm’ called RETADUP.

Cyber security researchers Trend Micro said:

The Data GhostCtrl steals is extensive, compared to other Android info-stealers. We can only expect it to further evolve.

Over 200,000 victims across 150 countries were hit by a malware known as WannaCry back in May with the NHS among the worst affected of the victims.

The best advice is to always be careful when downloading apps in the future. If one on the Google Play store doesn’t have star rating or reviews, be highly cautious, and try to only download apps from emails or messages that you are sure if the origin of.

It’s probably worth updating your smartphone if need be as well.