New Website Means You’ll Never Watch Embarrassing Films With Your Parents Again


How often have you sat down to watch a film with your parents and halfway through wanted to merge with the fabric of the couch as a cringe inducing sex scene starts?

Well, thankfully there’s now a database which should, hopefully, solve this problem.

The website’s called CringeMDb, and is named after IMDb, the Internet Movie Database. It’s hoped that users will be able to avoid being embarrassed by a raunchy scene halfway through a seemingly innocent film by checking their site first.

cringe 2CringeMDb

CringeMDb is basically a searchable database which produces a community-driven rating for the cringe worthy content of a film.

The website mainly covers movies released between 1995-2015, with a few prominent exceptions from the early nineties such as classics like Jurassic Park, Sleepless in Seattle, Four Weddings and a Funeral thrown in there – looking further back, we don’t remember many sex scenes in Citizen Kane anyway so you’re probably safe.

cringe 1CringeMDb

So if you suffer a brain fart and forget that Fifty Shades of Grey has its share of scenes that you may not want to watch with your mum (or at all), then one search is all you need to remind yourself.

Unfortunately this website may have unintended consequences – it’s normally during the risqué scenes that my dad makes his excuses and goes to brew up!